A video game design project.
Roles - Art Direction, Character + Prop Design, Illustration
Tools - RPG Maker MV, Pixel Art Studio, Adobe Photoshop
Timeline - 3 months
The task was to create a playable 30-45 minute video game in a team of 6 people, using RPG maker over the span of 3 months. The result is Debbie's Dog Dilemma, a game set in a fantastical university area where our main character Debbie is late to submit her Philosophy homework. Unexpected cliches catch her by surprise as she explores her university and all its quirks and characters.
Art + Design
Adanna Onuekwusi

Hugh Bagan
Jolene Poulin
Logan Yue

Atharv Vohra

Executive Producer
Alex Patterson

★ Winner of the CMPUT250 Game Of The Year Award 2018 
★ Awarded Best Student Game by the Design And Game Awards 2019
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